A Brief History

The building that houses our restaurant and bar is the oldest building in Taos.

It was built in the 16th century by the Pueblo Indians and served as an outpost along the Chihuahua trail. At one time the building was partially destroyed but was rebuilt and occupied by the Spanish government from the 17th to the 19th century.

Is the entire building 400 years old?

No, the main room was added in the last 45 years. The part of the building which is 400 years old is the south wall of the kitchen and the east wall of the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the only walls which remained after it was partially destroyed and they were part of the original walls of the original plaza of Taos.

In 1846, it became the office of Mr. Charles Bent, the first U.S. Territorial Governor of Taos. Governor Bent was assasinated in 1847 but the building remained in the hands of his family for several years.

Governor Bent's daughter, Teresina, is said to haunt the building. There have been numerous sightings and "incidents" experienced by employees and guests alike. Kit Carson and Buffalo Bill Cody are reported to have visited frequently.

The property became a restaurant in 1944 under the name "El Patio" and has continuously operated since then.

In 1997 it became "The Alley Cantina".